Financial Direction is just a phone call away

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5th August 2019
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29th October 2019

Financial Direction is just a phone call away

Are you a business owner looking for some help to make sense of your finances? Maybe you want to expand but cannot see the financial path clearly to make that expansion work? This is where we can help.

A part-time Finance Director is the solution to SMEs.  Very skilled and experienced financial people are available to work by the day – and sometimes even in smaller multiples of time.  They bring with them all the skills to which larger companies have regular access – but at an affordable price, because they only pay for this highly-skilled time on an as-needed basis.

These are the skills we offer businesses at Watersmiths. Our services are wide ranging, such as being called in to deal with crisis situations and helping companies to re-gain control of their cash flow. The reality is that a part-time Finance Director can quickly get on top of issues which may be giving the managing director sleepless nights and – where necessary – identify what needs to be done to turn around the company’s performance, therefore adding value to the bottom line.

It’s also worth noting that companies which have a qualified Finance Director are often given higher credibility by other organisations, such as banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions.

If you would like to talk please contact Stuart Smith at Watersmiths on 07785 556 450 for a confidential chat. Watersmiths has recently located to Derby and is ideally situated to service clients across the Midlands.