Our Services

Watersmiths offering services to assist you in achieving your business goals.

What we can do and how we do it.

Our services

What services are available to you and your business? A high calibre, flexible and value enhancing service built on experience and strong interpersonal skills. We can provide you the services of an experienced Finance Director in a way that suits your needs whether on a regular part time basis, or an interim or project basis to fulfil a short term requirement for some extra resource.

Our approach

How can we help you and your business achieve your goals? Our aim is centered around helping you fulfil your business needs through optimising processes strengthening the management of cash, increasing profit and encouraging growth. How do we achieve this?

  • Dedicated customer service
  • Commitment to delivering solutions and promoting growth
  • Providing an experienced and professional Finance Director to work alongside your business
  • Flexible, cost effective and valuable advice
Improve cashflow

Cashflow is of vital importance to the health of a business. Although it may look impressive to generate large revenue from sales, cashflow needs to be a key focus of your business. Assisting smoother payments, keeping on top of stock forecasting and ensuring efficient processes will take pressure off you and your business. We can help improve your business' cashflow and in doing so create a more relaxed and efficient business environment.

Maximising profits

Understanding the key revenue and cost drivers in your business is the key to success. Your weekly and monthly performance against sales, margins, overheads and budgets need to be kept in line in order to achieve a sound and successful business. A detailed and organised forecast or budget helps you to keep on top of your business, enables you to make key decisions at the right time, and in turn optimises your business' profitability. Watersmiths give your business the edge, by helping you create a budget and relaying precise and current reporting of your financial information.

Developing and implementing strategy

Designing a strategy to suit your objectives is really important. Implementing it successfully can be quite challenging. Strategic planning helps you work out where you want your business to go. Strategically planning for a few years ahead and regularly reviewing to confirm that you are on course to achieving your objectives is an important factor in the success of any business.

Business Planning

Research has shown businesses with a plan are far more likely to succeed. Once the strategic vision of a business is established then it is really important to plan the resources, milestones and key steps towards that vision. And then to measure the progress and make adjustments to the plans as necessary.

Preparing for an exit

When selling or exiting a business it is important to ensure it is in the best possible condition to maximise the value for the shareholders. Understanding the objectives of the owners is really important and then managing the business in a way that enhances its value and attract the best possible price takes careful planning.

Stuart and I joined forces in 2001 in order to complete the acquisition of The Deritend Group Limited. We have worked together for over thirteen years during which time Deritend, who are based in Wolverhampton has seen significant growth both organically and by acquisition. In my experience Stuart is a conscientious and dynamic Finance Director and a key contributor to the Board.

Richard K Hale. Deritend Industries Limited www.deritend.co.uk